Audit Aboriginal Affairs

End Aboriginal Poverty: Take Action Now!
~ A Petition To Audit Aboriginal Affairs ~

Canadian taxpayers are spending billions of dollars on funding  to support the programs and initiatives of Aboriginal Affairs that are supposed to care for the needs, health and welfare of our Aboriginal population. However, despite this ample funding, we find our Aboriginal people living in deplorable conditions on segregated reserves that are plagued with social ills. These communities are being devastated and the youth are left despondent with little hope for the future.

The Questions Arise:

How did this happen? Where is the money going? Why are these conditions allowed to exist?

That is why the Citizen's Council is demanding a transparent audit of Aboriginal Affairs and we ask for your support:

We thereby petition that Bernard Valcourt, Minister of Aboriginal Affairs, be forced to order a thorough forensic audit of all funds spent by his department. We petition that these results be published in a transparent and open format for public consideration by all Canadian citizens.

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