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The Citizen's Council of Canada is a group of Canadian citizens who are committed to bringing about positive change in Canada. We believe that old style party politics do not always work in the best interests of average Canadians. We believe that the Internet has the capacity to connect all Canadians, giving each one of us the opportunity for our voices to be heard at the Nation's capital.

We hope to be as effective in influencing policy as the thousands of lobbyists who work in Ottawa daily. They work for businesses and special interest groups - we work for our friends and neighbours in communities across the country.

We focus on current news and information that Canadians are discussing at work and at home. Our goal is to raise awareness about issues and concerns that affect Canadians and give you reasons why these affairs matter to each of us personally.

We are non-partisan and not affiliated with any political party. We are financed by the generosity of our fellow citizens.

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commented 2013-02-07 18:56:58 -0800 · Flag
As Canadians we have sat in silence for too long, allowing the statis quo to remain!
We need to make sure our voices are being heard, from across this land.
We can and will make a difference for ALL Canadians!
United we stand; Divided we fall!
Citizens Council
Who do you trust to make the best decisions for Canadians? The Citizens themselves or the politicians?